NGC Research Results.


The National Gerontology Center (NGC) considers as its main tasks the promoting, information and organizational support for the research and development in creating technologies of increasing the duration of active human life. These are based on prophylaxis of natural aging.


The basic directions for scientific NGC activity is the following:

§        Development of theoretical basis in prophylaxis of aging;

§        Working out the methods of the aging process diagnostics;

§        Creating, approbation and introduction of geroprotectors: means and methods of

aging retardation;

§        Study of methods and technologies of prophylaxis of aging and illnesses, accompanying


§        Development of methods and means of biostimulation, biocorrection and increasing the

psychic and physical working ability of a person.




The scientists, united under the aegis of NGC are performing publication of a series of monographs “Problems of Gerontology” (at present 8 monographs were issued). They published 27 books ( in Russian), in particular: “The Mathematical basis of gerontology”, “Fundamental mechanisms of geroprophylaxis, “Pathophysiological mechanics of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, “Systems Mechanisms and Models of Aging”, “Anti-Aging Medicine: Fundamental Bases”, - and over 300 of scientific papers in leading journals, such as The Human Biology, The Rejuvenation Research, The Advances in Gerontology, The Reports of the Academy of Sciences, The Hygiene and Sanitary, The Longevity Report, Science, Mutation Research, The Human Physiology, The Cytology, The Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine and others, relating to the studies of aging mechanisms and development of methods of aging prophylaxis. They are editing the yearbook “Aging Prevention”, journal “The Report of Regenerative Medicine”.


Eight  guides for physicians have been worked out and have been affirmed by the Ministry of Public Health, in particular: ”Diagnostics and Treatment of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, “Quantitative Assessment of Aging, Life Span and Biological Age”; “General Approaches to Aging Prophylaxis”, “Optimization of Prophylactic, Healing and Geroprotective Rations with the Help of Computer System “Nutrition for Health and Longevity” and others.


The NGC experts have taken part in the organization and conducting of 12 international and all-Russia conferences, discussing gerontological problems, in particular, it initiated all-Russia conferences “Medical and Biological Problems of Normal and Pathological Aging” (Moscow, 1994), and “Aging and Longevity: Systems and Multidisciplinary Approaches” (Moscow, 1997), worked in organizing committees of “The First Russian Conference of Gerontologists and Geriatres”(Samara,1999) and nine international conferences “Modern Technologies of Rehabilitation Medicine (Sochi, 1998-2006) and others.


The NGC have developed the new methods of biological age diagnostics, algorithms and programs for evaluation of expected life duration and prognosis of survival curves, allowing significantly reducing the period of lengthy and costly experiments on testing geroprotectors. Original preparations and equipment have been created, for example, Biosensor, EASes, Vita- stimulus, preparations based on deuterium and others, having great potentials for use as geroprotectors in bioactivation and retardation of aging. A perspective approach has been developed for bioactivation of anti-oxidant systems of organism protection using electrically activated systems (EAS), allowing correction of oxidation and recovering potential of the organism’s liquid mediums. A new immuno-regulation theory of aging has been created, showing possibilities for recovery of cell growth potential in old organism by immune tropic means. “A System Theory of Aging” has been created, presenting the basis of integral technology of aging prophylaxis, worked out by NGC. A family of computer systems for diagnostics and prophylaxis of aging has been developed.


These works have laid the basis for a new System Technology for Radical Increase of Active Human Lifespan (STRIAHL).


The principal novelty of STRIAHL lies in the orientation on the diagnostics and correction not of particular illnesses, but on deep processes of wear and exhausting of functional reserves of the organism in the course of events of normal vital activity, taking place even in an absolutely healthy body. This technology exceeds the present foreign approaches to solving this problem:


  • In general methodology (authors study of the system theory of aging);
  • In diagnostic algorithm (determining both integral biological age and parcel ages of separate systems of the organism and calculation of life expectancy);
  • In using of computer system for optimization of individual diets, slowing aging;
  • In methodology of selecting and adapting the configuration of anti-aging programs (using integral technology of simultaneous influence on main processes of aging at various levels);
  • In using original authors’ anti-aging means.


The organism has been shown to have a special system for regulation of cell growth presented by sub-populations of T-lymphocytes. We have put forward a new immune-regulation theory of aging, connecting aging and self-renovation reduction directly with regulation changes in T-lymphatic system of immunity. Experimental influence on this system permitted to restore in several days the growth potential of tissue of old animals to the level of the young ones. All this shows that regulation influences could have an important role in development of age-related changes in a complete organism and influence on this system could be highly effective for retardation of aging and biologic stimulation of functions of the aging organism.