The problem of radical increase in duration of active creative period of human life always stirred the best human minds, but still is not solved. It is exceptionally complete, but the critical mass of fundamental knowledge about the main mechanisms and reasons of aging, technical means and methods of influence on these reasons (gerontoprotectors) at last can put the problem of creating the technologies for life span extension on practical base.


Recently the leading gerontologists of the world more and more frequently expressed the idea that the existing volume of fundamental knowledge about the main mechanisms of aging and reasons of its retarding allows practically to create technologies for a considerable increase of the human active life period; that is in line with reality. These effects have been repeatedly demonstrated on mammals. Offered technologies for aging prophylaxis was patented and used practically in many countries (USA, United Kingdom, China, Russia, Romania etc.).


At present the main difficulty of the problem is in lack of the strict scientific demonstration of security and applicability of the human aging protection means for long periods of use. There are no reliable estimations of the expected gerontoprotective effects, expressed in extra years of active life. There are no complex schemes for gerontology protection, giving a justified maximum effect of the life span. The doctor will often simply refer to his authority and experience in the field of gerontology; and for his client it will only remains to believe him or not. Doing so, the doctor is selecting gerontology protectors on the basis of intuition and indirect data, or bearing up on the well-known theories of aging. This often leads to unforeseen or even negative results.


The root of the above-mentioned problem lies in the fact, that the absolutely strict demonstration of gerontology protection effectiveness can be achieved by comparing survival curves for experimental and control groups of clients. The length of such experiment for humans is a few decades (for mice and rats such experiment will last 2 - 3 years). There is direct evidence of insoluble contradiction between extreme actuality of the problem and practical impossibility of its fast solution within the scope of the traditional strict argument paradigm.


The National Gerontology Center worked out its own approach to solution of the above-mentioned problem impeding creation of the practical technology for radical increase of active human life span.


The gist of the offered approach lies in creating the mostly effective scheme for clinic testing of gerontoprotectors, in terms of time, finance and personnel. It will allow gaining the level of argument, acceptable for official validity of effectiveness of aging prophylaxis technologies for acceptable money and period (3 to 7 years). Complex plans for gerontology protection will be made on the basis of that, giving a maximum proof result  to 150 percent increase in lifespan.


General principles and approaches to creating technologies of prophylaxis of aging were worked out by the project authors, were presented in a number of monographs and publications.


The leading experts of the NGC are the authors of the given approach. They are famous for a great experience in the field of theoretical and experimental gerontology. The last decade had seen them organizing 12 international and all-Russia conferences dealing with gerontology problems. In particular, they initiated all-Russia conferences “Medical and Biological Problems of Normal and Pathological Aging” (Moscow, 1994), and “Aging and Longevity: Systems and Multidisciplinary Approaches” (Moscow, 1997), a cycle of scientific events “Medicine of Anti-aging” (Sochi and Moscow, 2005).


They have published 27 books (in Russian), devoted to problems of study of aging mechanisms and developing methods of its prophylaxis, among them: “The Mathematical basis of gerontology”, “Systems mechanisms and models of aging”, “Fundamental mechanisms of geroprophylaxis”, “Anti-Aging Medicine: Fundamental Bases”. The authors have published 6 “Aging Prevention” yearbooks and a series of 8 monographs “Problems of Gerontology”. We have patented methods and means, perspective for aging prevention. Among other things, the authors have developed and approved a general scheme for aging prophylaxis, unique techniques for qualitative evaluation of death rate, aging, expected lifespan and biological age indicators. Together with a computer system for optimization of individual gerontoprotective diets, they were presented at a number of expositions. New theories of aging were created, “The System Theory of Aging” and “Immuno-Regulatory Theory of Aging”. Experimental proofs of the leading role of regulatory mechanisms of aging were received, opening practical ways for radical increase of lifespan.


Aging is a principally system process! Consequently, getting a substantial effect of its slowing down can be done only with the help of complex systems technologies. From 40 to 100 percent effects of increase in lifespan of some mammals have been received. We hope to receive 150 percent increase of lifespan for multiple systems. System technologies of gerontology protection have inevitably complex structure, which require non-standard approaches.


Durable and costly testing compel us to make the secondary unique and key accent on using modern mathematic methods of experiment planning with the aim of minimizing experiment means and time, retaining the result reliability. The principal point of the author’s approach is manifested in setting not a traditional scientific task of receiving new reliable knowledge, but a practical task of creating a technology with maximum approved practical effect. This allows to plan another scheme of approbation, with nearly 10 rate reduction of the number of examined and the time scope of experiments and with more than a 100 rate reduction of costs for creating technologies.


The National Gerontology Center prepared an investment project for creating a System Technology for Radical Increase of Active Human Lifespan (STRIAHL). This technology is accumulating the latest achievements of fundamental gerontology science and fundamental pioneer studies by the NGC. They include, for example, new Immuno-Regulatore theory of aging.